Our software enables:

Diagnostics – Which easily identifies gaps in performance  and/or knowledge.

E-Learning – Assists in the teaching and learning, knowledge and understanding of laws and conduct on and off the pitch.

Live or Pre-Recorded analysis – Blank canvas which allows observers to tag any kind of foul, action or decision to specific time frames.

Professional Development – To continually develop a referee.

Standardisation and Moderation – To allow a balance of target identification. Whilst also improving thinking skills, spacial awareness and decision making.

Mentoring and Feedback – Live classrooms, group forums, messaging centres and action plans giving the basis for player interaction.

Expertise and knowledge – Through recognised elite referees,

Development of Key Performance Indicators – By the knowledge of the result and the knowledge of performance.

A 365 day, 24/7 platform – Allowing access from anywhere at any time.

Live streamed packages  –  A highlight reel, full games recordings and video bank for referees, assessors and mentors. Also creates a Live TV show for discussion and organisation

The referee set up

Every decision made or not made is tagged and placed on a time line for any individual, referee or a group of officials to study each scenario.

If a tag or point that occurs in a game relates to a predetermined action then automatic lessons and policies are uploaded into a learning path for the referee, coach, and assessors to:

• Increase their knowledge of the laws of the game,

• Improve standards and decision making

• Enhance performance

• Reduce gaps in skills analysis

They are then notified by internal messages that give them milestones and deadlines