When coaching referees I remind them that they are in the “selling” game when they are officiating matches.

Clattenburg, Halsey, Webb were at the top of their game and I had the pleasure of coaching and working with them, they always “sold” their decisions.

The process of decision making is to be in a good position and viewing angle to


Top referees when officiating games through anticipation, awareness and experience are able to speed up this process and this helps them to “sell” their decisions in a positive manner.

Any sign of hesitancy in your decision making will sow the seeds of doubt in players and spectators.

It is so important to “SELL” your decisions even if you might be slightly unsure.

* The blast of your whistle.

* The firm, positive hand signal.

* The facial expression which might include eye to eye contact with a player.

Your body language needs to remain positive and strong.

Right up to and including the re-start of play and your ongoing decisions.

Mobility and work rate are positives to add to your performance

I have coached many top-class referees and all of them possess these strengths.

They are all great Salesmen “selling” their decisions in a firm and positive manner

Keith Hackett keith @keystofootball.com