Our one to one mentoring can take place online, face to face or over blended learning approach.

Everything discussed online is tracked and recorded for safeguarding and data protection.

The education via our live classroom can start at any agreed time regardless of time zones. Mentors, assessors or a panel can be used here regionally and nationally or when being used in countries with vast distances within organisations.

The system allows One to One mentoring, coaching and conversations between assessors and any person or group on the laws, questions, education and communication.

It is also can be used for an open forum for professional development or association meetings and training.

You can have video evidence, CPD or elearning discussions in the forum too.

The system allows 1 to 1 conversations or group discussions on the decisions made live.

All standardisation and moderation can take place via the virtual classroom.

The system allows 1 to 1 conversations now LIVE where you can view, tag, commentate and discuss all via our live streaming portal.

Issues can be draw, saved and discussed live or later for TV shows or professional development relating to personal action plans.

We can mentor any one at any level from grass roots to the elite level both in person and using this for:

  • developing the elite
  • developing the next generation of referees
  • breaking down the barriers to progression
  • raising standards for all officials
  • creating a pathway to professionalism
  • having a system that covers vast distances without time, travel and cost