Our learning platform has been created and used by our sister company EDLounge for a UK Government approved flexible learning fund project for the national retraining scheme. 

We want the learning aspects to help you improve your knowledge and understanding of the context of refereeing at various levels. We enhanced this platform to incorporate referees’ learning and development to be the prime focus behind the packages available for referees at any level.

All learning, answers and comments are tracked and recorded to enhance the thinking, knowledge and understanding of the referee or official to help you achieve your goals.

These types of elearning aspects we use are:

  • video assessment and analysis for decisions made in an agreed recorded performance
  • tagging each decision made to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • using learning management slides to help develop strategies to manage the game
  • information and discussion slides to demonstrate skills when refereeing
  • scenario based learning to make it personal
  • questions and answer slides to test knowledge and understanding of general play
  • policies and procedures regarding the laws of the game
  • one to one and forum discussion with our team or mentors 
  • tests regarding laws of the game
  • tests for developing knowledge and understanding for promotion
  • one to one learning and assessment online. 

Once a member you can ask us for advice, mentoring and for guidance upon.

Exams for Referees and officials

Keys to Referee has an external secure exam platform so that an official can test their knowledge on the laws of the game in a secure and locked down environment.

The test then identifies all gaps in knowledge, gaps of understanding the laws or to help you with promotion or enhancing refereeing performances.