The learning within the software matches areas of weaknesses. Our platform has been used for a UK Government approved flexible learning fund pilot for the national retraining scheme

This can be set from entry level to degree and masters level.

You can white label our learning and add your own for your own courses.

We are CPD accredited for our courses.

Learning comes in numerous forms which is all tracked and recorded on our platform to enhance the thinking, knowledge and understanding of the referee, player or official. These forms are::

  • elearning
  • video assessment
  • scenario based learning
  • policies and procedures regarding the laws of the game
  • video conversations and lessons
  • one to one discussion
  • forum discussion
  • exams
  • tests
  • learning pathways relating to decisions made, actions performed and issues to use their cognitive skills

Our platform also enables one to one learning and assessment online as seen below

The platform (within EDLounge and EDQuals has just received reasonable progress through an Ofsted Inspection (July 2019).  All answers are recorded for safeguarding, safety and wellbeing alongside standardisation