The action by Son in the Everton v Spurs game yesterday was that he deliberately tripped his opponent and that warranted at most a yellow card.
An unforeseen circumstance of the trip was a second event that could not have been foreseen by the player.
To suggest that Son should have considered the likelihood of the event occurring is unreasonable.
Are the authorities who have attempted to support the red card suggesting that every trip and foul should result in dismissal.
Let’s consider a similar challenge of a trip that results in the player falling off the pitch into a hoarding, resulting in a trip to the hospital.
Martin Atkinson produced the yellow and was correct in law.
Why did the VAR intervene and suggest a red card?
Nobody wants to see a player injured by what experts are saying is a stud getting caught up in the turf.
I wish GOMES a speedy recovery and now is the time for The FA to act and withdraw the red card issued to Son

Keith Hackett

We all wish Andre Gomes the best in his recovery and we look forward to seeing you back on the pitch.