Cognitive Thinking

Every decision, action, foul, or movement that takes place within our software that is tagged creates a:

  • learning pathway
  • task to challenge thinking, learning and development skills
  • question and answer session on laws, objectives or standards set by the criteria / assessor
  • scenario based video clip
  • highlight reel
  • clip bank that categorises all the same aspects each game, week, or opponent
  • poll
  • quizzes to challenge gaps of knowledge and understanding
  • emotion or psychological log

From each breakdown the action plan shows their development over time

  • practically
  • emotionally
  • cognitively
  • psychologically
Outr software enables the view of the

Our game enables the view of the referee, officials, coaches and players to

  • track the decision making
  • develop cognitive thinking
  • address gaps in knowledge
  • identify gaps of skills
  • improve psychological, preparation and evaluation of performances
  • tracking the ball – for player and tactical analysis
  • highlight the general flow of the game for player and referee analysis

The tags then relate to learning and scenario based task (plus all the other secrets we have on our software) for the referee or player to log on to see their performances and timeline of incidents and tags