This blog is proudly created By Keith Hackett for Keys to Referee regarding managing Penalty Kick situations and the surrounding situations.


  • To ensure match officials apply LAW 14 consistently and correctly
  • To review knowledge and understanding
  • To give advice on management techniques


  • Review Law 14 and check to understand
  • Managing and prioritising events
  • Techniques in the management of the penalty kick

LAW AMENDMENTS ON LAW 14 in operation from June 2020 but may vary in countries around the world.

  • The team’s penalty taker can have (quick) treatment/assessment and then take the kick
  • The goalkeeper must not be touching the goalposts/crossbar/nets; they must not be moving
  • The goalkeeper must have at least part of one foot on/in line with the goal line when the kick is taken; cannot stand behind the line


  • It is unfair if the kicker needs assessment/treatment and then has to leave the field and cannot take the penalty kick.
  • The referee must not signal for the penalty kick to be taken if the goalkeeper is touching the goalposts, crossbar or net, or if they are moving e.g. the goalkeeper has kicked/shaken them
  • Goalkeepers are not permitted to stand in front of or behind the line. Allowing the goalkeeper to have only one foot touching the goal line (or, if jumping, in line with the goal line,) when the penalty kick is taken is a more practical approach as it is easier to identify if both feet are not on the line. As the kicker can ‘stutter’ in the run, it is reasonable that the goalkeeper can take one step in anticipation of the kick.

Keith Hackett
Keith Hackett

Keith Hackett is a proud Sheffield Man, Ex FIFA Referee, Former Head of the PGMOL, Author, FA Cup Referee and a Gentleman who knows the laws of the beautiful game in side and out. He is counted amongst the top 100 referees of all time.

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