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A revisit to the VAR concept and its application (Part 2)

This is the a bit delayed sequel to “A revisit to the VAR concept and its application (part 1)." In that first part, I have pointed out that whether you like it or not, the VAR system is with us to stay, so let us try to enjoy it as much as possible because we cannot...

Law Changes Season 20/21 – The Penalty Kick

Offences and Sanctions There is a significant change to the law on the Penalty Kick this coming season and it is important to digest and understand it before a ball is kicked. If at the taking of a penalty kick the goalkeeper offends: If the ball enters the goal, a...

Club footballer banned for referee abuse

A club footballer has been banned for a year for abusing a referee in a match in Manawatū. Central Football announced on Tuesday a player had been suspended for “over 12 months” for verbal and physical threatening behaviour towards a match official. The player was...

Football Association Issues New Rules

Players who deliberately cough at opponents or referees can be shown RED or YELLOW CARDS under new FA guidelines issued amid the coronavirus pandemic  The instructions to referees will come in immediately and will be applied at ALL levels of the game  The FA said...

My referee story by Edward Bellion

My referee story by Edward Bellion I began refereeing when I was about age 30. Prior to then, I had been a keen amateur and recreational player throughout school and university years in England. In 1968 I went to the USA to take up a research fellowship at the...

Premier League returns with controversial decision

The Premier League is back but not without controversy.

After 100 days, the top flight returned with Aston Villa vs Sheffield United. However goalline technology grabbed all the headlines, as a goal was not given despite the ball crossing the line.

Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher called it embarrassing and Mark Clattenburg said VAR should have intervened.

Former Head of the PGMOL (refereeing body) will be joined by Roger Dilkes and Mark Halsey at 3pm this afternoon to discuss the incident on Ref Lounge. You can sign up free here.

Live Q&A with Keith Hackett and leading referees

Join former Premier League referee Keith Hackett, plus special guests Mark Halsey and Roger Dilkes for a one hour Q&A session.
This free webinar is made for you to improve your officiating skills while learning from leading professionals.
The webinar takes place at 3pm on Thursday 18 June. Click here to sign up.

Youth Sports, Soccer and the Pandemic

Youth Sports, Soccer and the Pandemic by Ahmet Guvener Recently I read an article (a) with great astonishment. According to a report  by Wintergreen Research - "Youth Sports: Market Shares, Strategies and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2019-2026"  – there was a 19.6 billion...

Controlling Yourself Before You Can Control Others

Recall a time when, during a football match, you saw a player (or players) lose their composure and control.  One type of incident that comes to mind is the so-called ‘mass brawl’; a cluster of players, frustrated, angry and primed for physical competition acting in a...

A look back and how things have changed.

This blog is proudly created By Keith Hackett for Keys to Referee. With no live football on television, l was recently invited to appear on Talksport’ s Hawksbee and Jacobs show. This was to discuss a recent showing on television of the 1979 FA Cup game between...

Soccer Six football – A walk down memory lane

Some years ago, when English clubs were not qualifying for the European Competitions with the regularity that they are today, or the F.A. Premier League had not been thought about, the football visionaries felt that an indoor tournament for Football League clubs was...

Advice on applying the use of advantage

This blog is proudly created By Keith Hackett for Keys to Referee. I was a referee who just loved to apply advantage in order to keep the game flowing at pace and to allow players the opportunity to use their skills against the opposition. The more experience of my...

1-2-3 Stepped Management Process

This blog is proudly created By Keith Hackett for Keys to Referee. REFEREES SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY THE 1,2, & 3 STEPPED PROCESS WHEN MANAGING PLAYERS. Before I write this article, I will always encourage referees to apply the law and not to shirk from the...



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