We are proud to Launch Keys to Referees which is part of the Analysis of Sport Ltd packages.

Keys to Referee is based in Sheffield and working with match officials across the world in all sports to raise standards.

Lots of sports crossover when it comes to the match officials, different rules or laws for sport, but player management is the same. Body Language is the same. Dealing with steps of conflict is the same.

The aim of this website is to share best practice but also for all sports to access a development platform to help more and more officials raise their standards through higher qualified coaches even with reduced contact time.
The platform enables associations, and federations to coach the coaches.
We have over 12 years EDTECH experience, this education technology is proceless. Senior coach, coaches the coaches, coaches coach the officials.

Keys to Referee has been created originally by a world-class cadre of football referees, and expanded after speaking with Rugby league officials, Netball umpires and so on.

This amazing coming together of all these leading professionals with our two directors Sam Warnes and Ian Hargreaves and Product Development Lee Bell who own and run EDLounge LTD, PE OFFICE Ltd and EDQuals Ltd who are leading EDTECH companies in the UK at the forefront of CPD, education, sport and development.

Both with Simon Hall (Manager) and Keith Hackett have an aim and that’s to help everyone, this doesn’t just include the Elite referee, this wholeheartedly includes grassroots across the globe, and those needing advice and guidance when refereeing.