Keys To Referee is an e-learning and development platform that enables  analysis, evaluation, tracking and assessment which is personalised for any referee at any level…  It is not about the STATS for us – It’s about development.   We aim to enhance the learning, knowledge and understanding  of match officials across all sports ensuring their continued  progress to develop and raise standards for all sports.  If you are willing to learn, we are happy to help. We have an expert team of former elite referees that offer feedback and advice using the analysis, evaluation, and development platform regarding your performances and decisions made. We want you to develop regardless of level or involvement in the game.


Analysis & Evaluation

Full tracking, the full devaluation and analysis of decisions made with action plans for development.

Analysis of Performance

Analysis software used for professional development for replays of each decision made and committed.  Increased contact with coaches / experts.

Tracking results & stats

Implement training plans in advance following progress and up skill referees.

Develop & Progress

Our portal enables you to evaluate and assess performances over time to help Referee development

Evaluate and review the professional development

Implement training plans in advance following progress and up skill referees.  Create action plans and unique pathways.

Referees Courses

Courses are being added all the time, Laws of the game, Sin Bins and very importantly Safeguarding. Safeguarding courses are written by one of the UK’s leading experts.

Review perfromances

Review their own game or a colleagues. Real-life scenarios. Online observation and assessment.


Our experts can help build the structure you are looking for: Grow and develop from the very top to grassroots of each sport. Raising standards at each and every level.

An Application to test Referees

Check out our Be the VAR App that tests your knowledge and understanding of the laws of the game



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